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Written by HeartSupport, gifted by generous donors.

Many in the emerging generation have found themselves in a hopeless cycle of self-harm. Whether it's cutting, burning, hair pulling, or beating themselves up with guilt and shame, they can't get out of the same rut. Most aren't even sure why they do it. All they know is that for some reason, it helps.

For men and women across the globe, it may seem like nothing will get better. Most believe no one understands self-harm or that real help is elusive and hard to find.

If that sounds like you, we have good news. You're not sick, crazy, or doomed to hurt yourself for the rest of your life. ReWrite will help clear up the stigmas and reasons behind self-harm, tackle the hard topics of guilt and shame, and provide the proven steps to bring you to a place of hope and healing. And if you’re a concerned family member or friend, you’ll finally understand what’s going on and how you can help.

Join others who have successfully turned their lives around with information provided here.

Step into the journey. ReWrite your story.


This book is part of the outreach programs of HeartSupport—an organization created by Grammy-nominated musician Jake Luhrs of the metal band August Burns Red. It features a bonus workbook and journal in addition to insight from medical advisor, Dr. Michelle Saari. Dr. Saari is a licensed mental health provider, board-certified clinical supervisor, and nationally certified counselor.

*includes workbook, journal, and accompanying videos